Chicken Handmade Samosa

Chicken Handmade Samosa Family Pack

Beef Handmade Samosa

Chicken Cocktail Samosa

Beef Cocktail Samosa

Vegetable Cocktail Samosa

8pc Punjabi Handmade Samosa

25pc Punjabi Handmade Samosa

Pizza Roll Puff Pastry

Spinach & Cheese Puff Pastry

Mushroom & Potato Puff Pastry

Chicken Puff Pastry

Chicken Seekh Kabab

Chicken Seekh Kabab Family Pack

Lamb Seekh Kabab

Beef Seekh Kabab

Beef Seekh Kabab Family Pack

Mediterranean Chicken Kefta Kabab

Mediterranean Beef Kefta Kabab

Chicken Gola Kabab

Chicken Shami Kabab

Beef Shami Kabab

Chicken Chapli Kabab

Beef Chapli Kabab

Tandoori Chicken Tikka

Malai Chicken Tikka

Tandoori Chicken Wings

Beef Gyro Slices

Chicken Kabab and Naan

Gyro and Naan

Chicken Kabab Roll

Lamb Kabab Roll

Tandoori Chicken Roll

Tandoori Chicken Quesadilla

Ready To Eat Falafels

Ready To Cook Falafels

Chicken Breast Nuggets

Chicken Breast Patties

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Karahi


Gyro and Naan

Kabab and Naan

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